Renaissance School Art Overview

The art program at Renaissance School is an exuberant celebration of life through color, line, shape, and texture. Students in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade spend one hour each week in the beautiful, light-filled art studio working on a rich variety of projects.

Our experienced art teacher employs the teaching philosophy of guided practice, which allows students to grow in their artistic skills while expanding their working knowledge and confidence. The process and enjoyment of creating is emphasized as much as the finished product. Most art projects in the early elementary grades are completed in one sitting; this is done intentionally so that younger students with shorter attention spans can create art projects with an uninterrupted flow of sequential steps.

All students enjoy the fulfillment of seeing their finished works on display throughout the school. Many projects relate directly to classroom themes from Science or Social Studies, and many involve higher-order mathematical thinking that encompasses linear, geometric and 3-dimensional concepts within balanced and stimulating artwork. Many projects help develop students’ fine motor skills as they learn to carefully measure, cut and fold.  

If you stroll through the halls of Renaissance School, you are surrounded by the beautiful displays of hundreds of pieces of original artwork by the students. We value art for art’s sake, as well as for how it helps develop areas of the brain also used in mathematics, scientific thinking and other academic pursuits.

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