Field Trips!

Fourth Grade Kayaking Field Trip

On their recent kayaking field trip, the Fourth Graders were not just Renaissance students paddling down the LaPlatte River, they were members of the Corps of Discovery heading west on the Missouri. Much like Lewis, Clark, and Sacajawea, the Fourth Grade class experienced a land teeming with wildlife. Most of it was a welcome sight (turtles resting on logs, beavers splashing through the water), while other creatures were more reminiscent of the tough journey west (namely, skunks). All in all, it was a beautiful fall day spent paddling, laughing, and experiencing all the LaPlatte (or Missouri) has to offer.

Third Grade Field Trip

The Third Graders visited the Audubon Center to further their learning in the area of plants and vegetation. Here, students learned about tree species native to Vermont. By using what we have learned in class and tree identification keys, students were able to identify trees as we walked along the nature trails. Students collected data about the forest we were in by measuring the circumference of trees to determine their age! We learned lots of new vocabulary that will help us describe the different parts and characteristics of trees!

First Grade Field Trip

The First Grade class visited Green Mountain Audubon and Bob Spear’s Birds of VT Museum on Friday, October 7. The trip served as an introduction to the first grade theme study on birds. At Audubon the children learned about the unique characteristics that classifies an animal as a bird. They talked about each characteristic and classmate, Emma Yardley, donned each part until she was fully dressed with a beak, wings, tail feathers, bird feet, and eggs. Students then learned the bird calls of the oven bird, chickadee, and goldfinch. After hearing and singing bird calls, they practiced identifying birds by their special markings using field guides. This was a fun opportunity for children to work together to identify each bird. Last, the children observed several types of nests and spotted the materials each was made with. They used this knowledge to create their own bird nest in the forest. This was a great time to practice perseverance as the children learned the ways that worked best to balance and weave their nests.