Character Development

It has been wonderful to watch kindness spread throughout our school, and the character trait of kindness did not end with the month of September. I have watched children continue to help each other and say something kind when a friend might be feeling sad. The values of compassion, generosity, caring, empathy, and forgiveness have become second nature in our classrooms and the children. 

Throughout October the classes discussed what it means to persevere. Although this may have been a harder concept to understand in the beginning, it has been great to hear the children refer to how they have had to persevere. A parent shared a story of their child at home trying to figure out how to work the plug on their bathtub. When the parent asked if they needed help, the child said “I will persevere!”  On one of the field trips, an instructor was telling a story about a bird that continued to try to build its nest on a slanted roof and the nest kept falling off the roof. One of the First Graders raised their hand and shared, “well he is a perseverant little bird isn’t he!” 

The Kindergarten Class has been learning how to tie their shoes during our perseverance month and the First and Second Graders have been working on jumping rope. These are skills that they have quickly learned, take perseverance. The Fifth Grade Class wrote a book about something they have had to persevere through. They shared this book and their stories with the Kindergarten Class. It was great for the Kindergarten children to hear that they are not the only ones that have had to problem-solve and learn from their mistakes. The teachers have noticed many students feeling more comfortable to take those risks and to try and not give up.

The month of November will bring a new character trait: mindfulness. This incredibly important character trait envelopes other values such as gratitude, appreciation, humility, generosity, and awareness.