October Field Trips

Snake Mountain Field Trip

Fifth Graders enjoyed a fantastic autumn day hiking up Snake Mountain in Addison. The students encouraged one another along the way, as this hike can be rather steep at times. We had a picnic lunch on the summit and took in the picturesque views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains to the west. Prior to the hike, students chose a sketch of a Stone Age tool of their choice and made predictions about what the tool was used for. Students participated in a scavenger hunt to find an item on the hike that resembled their tool. Students were excited to search and discover what their tools were used for after the hike. In addition to connecting the hike to social studies, the students brainstormed ways to teach perseverance to the younger grades in school. It was an amazing day!

Flynn Field Trip

On October 17th, the Fourth Grade class attended the Flynn production of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Students were enthralled by C.S. Lewis’ classic tale, which was artfully performed by TheatreworksUSA. Students could be heard gasping in surprise upon realization that the entire play was performed by a 5-person cast. Fourth Graders were riveted to the portrayal of the magical creatures trapped in winter and cheered when, at last, the White Witch was defeated. It was an experience made better only by the post-performance stroll down to the waterfront.

Field Trip to The Perkins Museum

On October 10th, the Second Grade visited The Perkins Museum of Geology at UVM as part of their study of The Earth and Geology. While at the museum, each student enjoyed completing a scavenger hunt and making field notes and sketches which encouraged them to explore the many different items the museum had to offer, including: numerous rocks and minerals, petrified wood, topographic maps, fossils, a hologram, and the entire skeleton of a beluga whale found in Charlotte, VT! There was even a dark room at the museum where the students were delighted to see minerals with fluorescent properties that would vibrantly glow under ultraviolet light! This local “gem” of a museum allowed for a very exciting morning of exploration and learning for our Second Grade! Many of the students hope to visit the museum again with their families.

Apple Picking Field Trip

The Kindergarten class went to Shelburne Orchard to go apple picking. In our social studies and science unit we have been learning about harvesting and how things things grow. The children had so much fun on our trip! We picked and tasted Macintosh apples so that we could make an apple pie later in the week. The children picked the apples on their own and worked together to fill our bag as full as we could get it. To get inspiration for making an apple pie we read “How to make an apple pie and see the world.” The children not only learned how to make a pie from the story, but also learned where all the ingredients came from. After picking and reading a story, we played in hay bales and got all our energy out. By the time we were ready to head back to school, we were all exhausted from having so much fun!