Science Fair

The school’s Science Fair for Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades was held on Friday, March 11 and was tremendously successful. In the morning the students from Endeavour and their teachers and School Director visited the fair. The Co-director of the Vermont State Science and Math Fair happened to be having a tour of the school in the morning and also joined in the fair by asking many of the students about their projects; she was very impressed with their work. In the afternoon parents and grandparents were in attendance. We heard many comments of how well and comfortable the students were speaking to adults and explaining their project - how it worked, what they would do differently next time and if their hypothesis was correct. By having the students work on their experiment and boards at school under the guidance of their teacher, they gain a greater understanding and independence for the entire process. The students were all so happy with their accomplishments, and we were very proud of them!

Thank you to Dana, Rebecca, Caitlin, Shannon, and Thom for all your work and guidance in helping the children have such a successful and fun science fair!