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Les Nouvelles Françaises

Bonne Année!
Happy New Year!

We are starting 2017 with one of our favorite celebration: La Fête des Rois or Three Kings day, also known as Epiphany. The French celebrate the arrival of the Wise Kings of course!

In France, all through the month of January, a special cake is shared – la Galette des Rois – inside which la fève, a small figurine, is hidden. Whoever gets the prize is crowned king for the day and receives une couronne, a paper golden crown. The Renaissance students who have participated in this celebration in previous years await this day with anticipation and excitement. During class, all the children decorate their own paper crown while the cake warms in the oven, and after singing the blessing – in French! – we share this delicious applesauce filled cake. Definitely do try this at home!

So far this year, we have learned or reviewed numbers, colors, Halloween, food and greetings. The students in all the grades have been able to write sentences to practice manipulating the masculine and feminine of nouns and adjectives and regular verb conjugation. They have also enjoyed using their speaking skills while playing active or quiet games.

We have just finished the unit on time. All the Renaissance students, from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade, should be able to answer the question Quelle heure est-il? On the hour, the half hour or to the minute, depending on their grade level. I look forward to teaching the units on family, clothing, and to playing Twister when we learn about the body. 
À bientôt,