Spanish News from Marcela Bronk:

¿Qué pasa en Español?

Our Spanish keeps growing at Renaissance! It’s a pleasure to see students becoming more confident in speaking the language during class across all grades. We continue to practice numbers, days, weather and emotions while introducing new vocabulary during our opening circle. We’ve had a lot of activities in Spanish this year and here are some highlights.

During the month of October, First Graders decorated calacas to celebrate the Mexican traditional holiday of “El dia de los muertos” (The Day of the Dead) while the upper grades learned about the elements of “el altar” (the altar) and why people celebrate this special holiday in México. They remembered two important Mexican figures – Frida Kahlo and Pancho Villa.

The Third Grade class finished their family genealogy tree project that described members of their family in Spanish. They spent time laying out the tree and understanding how they are related to their family members. The Fourth and Fifth Grade class practiced gender nouns with new classroom vocabulary and created a layout of their classroom (“El plano de mi clase”). They also practiced a skit on how to give directions when riding in a taxi. There were plenty of good laughs acting this one!

The meteorologist report is back by popular demand and students have a new job to go along with it, which is the geographer. The geographer allows students to practice their map skills and how to say the countries or continents in Spanish. To study and review prepositions this year, students learned new vocabulary about objects in their bedroom or in their bathroom. Together, the Fourth and Fifth Grade class created a poster describing the position of objects in two different rooms. Finally, the upper grades will continue to review different categories with a game of Jeopardy.

December had a great start with our holiday song, Ode to Joy (Himno a la alegría). It’s a great feeling to hear all students singing a song of hope and happiness that is well known to the world in all different languages, but specially in Spanish! We also celebrated and learned new vocabulary with the Spanish tradition of “Las Posadas.”  We finished 2016 with a great “empanada” dinner in the Fourth and Fifth Grade classes. Students learned about how to set the table for the holidays using prepositions and new tableware vocabulary. Fifth grade assembled the “empanadas” by interpreting a recipe procedure in Spanish. Everyone enjoyed trying a new dish and being together as a Fourth and Fifth Grade family!

Looking ahead, students will be learning about “la osa Maria” and how to get her dressed for the weather. The upper grades will also be learning about clothing and perhaps take a trip to their own special destination.  

¡Adiós amigos!