Science FUNomenon

by Ryan, an Endeavour Middle School Teacher who teaches Math, Science and STEAM
I have sincerely enjoyed working with the First through Fifth Graders at Renaissance while exploring interesting phenomenon through science. We meet for forty-five minutes one or two times per month per class and talk about concepts such as inertia, static electricity, minerals, iron fortified cereal, aerodynamics, and more!

I try to prompt students with questions that really get them thinking things through. “If I want the rocket to go forward, which way do I wind the propeller? If the rocket successfully travels along a string, will it climb skyward if we take it off the string and simply point it up?”

These questions either divide a class and their hypotheses or they’ll all get it wrong, which is often the intention. It’s fun to think we know enough about the physical world that we can predict outcome and then get proven wrong through experimentation. It makes for a quick debate and a lot of curious confusion. From this point, we talk about factors at play, variables we might change to see if outcomes are affected, and generally, how everyone’s processing about this shared experience.
The primary goal of Scientific FUNomenon is to promote scientific exploration and increase curious, critical thinking skills. When we investigate physical phenomenon, we foster wonder and awe and develop a deeper appreciation for this planet we call home. At the Renaissance School, it’s mainly about connecting students with the magic and mystery of science and discovery.  I look forward to working with the students of Renaissance and hope they bring their stories home to the dinner table to share and discuss.