Fifth Grade  Fleming Museum Field Trip 

Fifth Grade recently visited the Fleming Museum at the University of Vermont. This field trip was a fantastic connection to our ancient Egypt unit, as the museum has an ancient Egypt exhibit. Students were given a tour by the museum’s Education Assistant, Sarah Yahm. Sarah led the students through the collection, beginning with a real mummy! Students observed the encasing and hieroglyphs on the mummy of a fourteen year old girl. The girl’s past is a mystery, yet students acted as archaeologists, as they pieced together their own theories based on the evidence that surrounded them. The children enjoyed exploring amulets, Swabtis, a replica of the Rosetta Stone, and more. After visiting the Egyptian exhibit, students were able to explore the museum’s changing collection of Asian Art. To wrap up the tour, students participated in an art activity in which each student created a foil relief amulet. Overall, it was an enriching experience for the students!