Science Fair

The Third Graders were very excited to participate in the Science Fair for the first time! They all did a fantastic job with their experiments and explaining their findings and conclusions. The children learned that it was okay if their data did not support their hypotheses! It was amazing to see all of their hard work come together as they organized it on their tri-fold poster display. The children took so much pride being able to stand next to their posters and projects ready to answer any questions as peers and parents passed by. 

With a year of experience under their belts, Fourth Graders quickly dived into their science fair projects with seasoned enthusiasm. Students have been working hard to collect data for their experiments, all of which involve willing human participants. Each Fourth Grader has decided to test a hypothesis that relates to one of the human senses, with all five being represented. We are really looking forward to seeing the compiled results at the Science Fair and to the insight they will give us into the five senses. Thank you to everyone who has smelled, touched, looked, listened, or tasted over these past few weeks! Fourth Grade is excited to share their results. 

By Fifth Grade, students have had two years of Science Fair behind them. By this point, students have a strong grasp on the process required to follow out The Scientific Method. Students design their experiments based around chemistry or physics, depending on their interests. After setting up an experiment plan, students hypothesize what result will occur as they test their variables. Students work more independently in Fifth Grade when carrying out their procedure and observing results. We focus on piecing together our results to discover the why and how as well as asking further questions. A new skill in Fifth Grade is writing an Abstract, which is basically a summary of the entire experiment that helps draw attention from the audience. The children worked diligently to carry out their experiments and should be proud!