International Dinner

We recently held our annual International Potluck Dinner. Thank you to all the families who attended and brought a special dish to share with our community. It was so nice to have Jeh Kulu perform for us again. Thank you to both the Fifth Graders and the Endeavour Middle School students for adding a new dynamic to our evening. This is always a fun and exciting night.

Our Fifth Graders held a special fundraiser this year to benefit the incoming fall 2017 Fifth
Grade class at The Renaissance School. This year’s Fifth Graders ran a photo booth at the
International Potluck Dinner, held on April 7. The booth had costumes that students and
their friends and family could wear for candid photos. Photos were $2.00 each. This was a fun addition and memento to the International Dinner! All proceeds from the fundraiser will be set aside for next year’s Fifth Graders to use at their discretion for a special field trip or activity. This year’s class of Fifth Grade students wanted to give back to next year’s class and they hope that this will become an annual tradition for the Fifth Grade class.