P.E. with Kate

This spring Physical Education classes have been busy exploring the outdoors on cross country skis, hiking through the woods on snowshoes, and playing floor hockey.  We have been focused on our warmup routine of stretching and a tabata circuit.  We had a yoga instructor come in and give us a lesson on stretching and how important it is to stretch our muscles in preparation for any activity.

Students have been active in learning more about safe hockey practices, proper hockey stance, and how to stick handle.  As we gear up for the spring we have a new game that students enjoy - hockey baseball!  The bonus of this game is each team keeps score and then both teams add up their points and the teachers then complete the total score in crunches - all the while the students count out loud as one big team. A new fun game that will lead us into our next unit of baseball before we finish out the year with some fitness testing.

Kate received her Bachelors in Nutrition at the University of Vermont with a concentration in Sports Nutrition.  While at university she was a member of the Track & Field Team and was a student Nutrition Counselor.  Health and fitness are a passion of hers as she has been a personal trainer for the past few years. 

Kate is a native Vermonter who has been a youth soccer, running, and basketball coach of local teams for several years.  Her goal is to teach that happiness and health prevention is best achieved through healthy eating, exercise and positive healthy lifestyle habits.  Encouraging students to get up, get active and find joy in exercise.

Kate lives in South Burlington and Highgate Springs with her partner and their active two year old son.  You likely will see her out running on the roads before or after school with her dog.