Second Grade field trip to WCAX

On Monday, April 10th, the Second Grade visited the WCAX news station in South Burlington.  This exciting field trip was to kick off the study of our last Science theme of this school year: Weather and Meteorology.  Our tour of the new station included getting to speak with Nick Borelli, a Meteorologist at the station.  Using his computer monitor with a weather map displayed on it, Nick carefully described weather patterns, the jet stream, and his weather model that he would be using in the forecast that day.  The children also got to tour the production room and chat with some of the people that work this part of the news station.  Lastly, we got to watch the noon-time broadcast with Nick Borelli and Melissa Sheketoff!  The students were mesmerized by the many monitors, remote control cameras, and the green screen Nick used for his weather forecast.  At the end, students even got to see themselves on one of the big monitors!