Fourth Grade Field Trip to the State House

While learning about United States government, Fourth Grade took a trip to Montpelier in order to bring their learning to life. Students started the day with a trip to the Vermont History Museum where they took a walk through time. This trip through Vermont’s history started with an exhibit on Vermont’s First People, continued on to the New Frontier, next to Building Communities, then War and Industry, and finally, Modern Day Vermont. Fourth Graders answered questions as they moved through the museum which allowed them to study the exhibits in greater detail and meaning. After a lunch at the museum it was time to head to the Vermont State House. Prior to the visit, Fourth Graders came up with a “Big Idea” which they brought to the State House in order to see the process of a bill becoming a law. Their “Big Idea” led them from the Senate Committee Room to the House and Senate Chambers where they were able to see the Vermont Congress come into session. This visit left Fourth Graders with a greater understanding of how our legislative process works. We may have some future lawmakers in our midst!