The Renaissance School 

Renaissance School is conveniently located at Shelburne Commons next to Heartworks Preschools. We make weekly use of our outdoor classroom at the world-renowned Shelburne Farms setting to create a unique school experience. In addition to providing a comprehensive academic curriculum, our legacy is that our students leave our school with strong moral character and a sense of place in the natural environment. 

The Renaissance curriculum is a robust, spiraling traditional curriculum, providing students the opportunity to study key topics and concepts in ever-increasing degrees of depth and challenge as they progress through the grades. (For more information about spiral curriculum, click here.)

The Academic, Social, Emotional and Life Skills curricula make up the Four Pillars of excellence that are the hallmark of a Heartworks education. Students are immersed in a school culture where the research-based traits of perseverance, empathy, growth-mindset, resilience and others are explicitly taught, modeled and practiced. The use of technology is consciously and thoughtfully limited in the younger grades, giving students the chance to learn and practice the increasingly rare but essential skills of mindful observation, reflection and discussion.

Renaissance students are part of the Shelburne Farms community, participating in farm chores and learning from and with the animals and natural beauty that surrounds them. Students frequently explore places outside of Shelburne Farms, engaging in field study to go beyond classroom learning. We strongly value daily outdoor, unstructured play for all elementary children; our playground is located in the surrounding fields and trees that the children affectionately refer to as the “enchanted forest.”   

For more detailed information on the school curriculum, please click the appropriate link.