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St. Patrick's Day Celebration

St. Patrick’s Day is another very special and fun tradition for the children. The day prior to St. Patrick’s Day the teachers will briefly share with the children about this special day in Ireland. The children will design and build “traps” to see if they can catch any Leprechauns that might be looking for pots of gold. The traps are not to cause any harm, only to capture safely to see what a Leprechaun may look like. The children enjoy building various structures in celebration of this day. As the students move up in grades, their traps become more elaborate and much more scientific/problem solving takes place. The students also often leave notes or diagrams encouraging them to enter the traps. It is fascinating to see!

The majority of the mischief typically occurs the night before and in the early hours on March 17. Often there are notes left from “the visitors” for the children to read of various activities or mischief that took place. On Friday, the 17th, the children will be amazed as the school is transformed into a wonderland of mischief and fun. Some parents have described St. Patrick’s Day as one of their favorite traditions at the schools.