Fast Facts:

Heartworks, Renaissance, and Endeavour Schools
Outstanding Academic Programs that Emphasize Social, Emotional, and Life Skills


The Heartworks, Renaissance, & Endeavour Schools are a work of the heart.  We provide a safe, nurturing, and creative environment where students thrive as they achieve academic excellence, develop moral character and social and emotional maturity, and attain appropriate life skills. We prepare students for the next educational challenge and to be confident lifelong learners in the service of a better world. 


1988  Founded by Louise Piche and Diane Rooney as Heartworks Preschool for three through five year olds in Shelburne, Vermont.
1991  Heartworks begins offering programming for two year old children.
1993  Renaissance Elementary School, a natural outgrowth of Heartworks, established for students in Grades K-6, and later expanded to include K-8 curriculum.
2002  Heartworks Preschool established in Williston at Blair Park.  
2004 Heartworks Preschool established on Lake Street, on Burlington’s waterfront. 
2013  Lisa and Paul Zengilowski assume ownership of the schools upon Louise Piche and Diane Rooney’s retirement.
2014  Endeavour Middle School is established at the Shelburne Commons campus, offering a stand alone middle school for students in Grades 6-8.
2014  Heartworks assumes ownership of the Stowe Co-Operative Nursery School, a Preschool in Stowe for three through five year olds.
2014  Heartworks Preschool for six-week through two year olds established at the Shelburne Commons campus. The schools now offer an educational and nurturing environment for families from the age of six weeks through the eighth grade.


  • State of Vermont Child Care Services Division - Five Child Care Licenses, one for each school in Burlington, Shelburne Building B, Shelburne Building C, Stowe, and Williston.
  • State of Vermont Child Care Services Division - Afterschool License for Renaissance Elementary School, Ages 5 through 12.
  • State of Vermont Department of Education - Two Recognized Independent School Licenses, one for Renaissance Elementary School and one for Endeavour Middle School.

Accreditation and Partnerships:

  • Achieved Candidacy status with the New England Association for Schools and Colleges. Self Study scheduled to begin Fall 2017.
  • Heartworks Burlington, Shelburne Building B, and Williston are each accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and have been for more than ten years. Shelburne Building C and Stowe will soon be going through the process.
  • Vermont’s STARS (STep Ahead Recognition System) - Heartworks Burlington, Heartworks Shelburne Preschool, Building B, and Heartworks Williston have received Five Star Ratings. Stowe and Shelburne, Building C are in the process of obtaining a Five Star Rating.
  • Heartworks is an approved Act 166 Universal Preschool partner with 12 School Districts, meeting or exceeding the requirements for offering exceptional Preschool programs and tuition funding for the parents, currently 190 students receive the benefits of Act 166 funding.


We pride ourselves on having a highly credentialed faculty, included licensed and highly qualified teachers, many of whom hold master’s degrees and other post graduate certifications. 

  • Each of the seven schools have a School Director and some schools also have an Assistant Director.
  • Total Faculty in the five Heartworks schools: 49.
  • Total Faculty in the Renaissance Elementary and Endeavour Middle Schools: 21.

Student Population:

  • Heartworks Preschools (Burlington, Shelburne, Stowe, and Williston) 365 children, six weeks through five years of age.
  • Renaissance Elementary and Endeavour Middle Schools - Kindergarten through Eighth Grades - 90 students.

Class Size: 

Heartworks class size for infants until all children in a class are two years of age is eight. Class size for two year olds through five year olds is ten. Renaissance and Endeavour classes are typically between ten and twelve students.


Our students represent geographic, economic, and ethnic/racial diversity. 

Heartworks: The children attending Heartworks are currently from 26 different towns including Burlington, Charlotte, Colchester, Essex Junction, Essex Town, Ferrisburgh, Grand Isle, Hinesburg, Jericho, Middlebury, Milton, Morrisville, New Haven, North Ferrisburgh, Richmond, Shelburne, South Burlington, St. George, Starksboro, Stowe, Underhill, Waterbury, Waterbury Center, Westford, Williston, and Winooski.

Renaissance Elementary and Endeavour Middle Schools: Students are from the following 14 towns: Burlington, Charlotte, Colchester, Essex Junction, Essex Town, Ferrisburgh, Jericho, Richmond, Shelburne, South Burlington, Underhill, Warren, Williston, and Winooski.  

We are fully committed to serving families with demonstrated financial need and assisting them in making the cost of attending our schools possible.  We work individually and confidentially with each family in regards to financial aid.  

Approximate percent receiving assistance with tuition.
Heartworks: 12%
Renaissance Elementary and Endeavour Middle School: 32%

Our school community greatly benefits from having students from a breadth and depth of cultural heritages.  
Heartworks:  14%
Renaissance Elementary:  19%
Endeavour Middle School:  25% 


Each Heartworks Preschool campus has large classrooms with ample outside play space, library, age-appropriate materials in the classrooms with an emphasis on natural and wooden materials that promotes an enriching, nurturing, and  playful learning environment.  

Renaissance Elementary School is located in the Farm Barn at Shelburne Farms, a 1400 acres working farm and a National Historic Landmark.  Set amid fields and forests, students study in classrooms specifically for their individual grade and outdoors that encourages a love of the natural world.  Students also attend the Endeavour Middle School once a week for some of their special classes such as art, drama, and PE.  There is a dedicated classroom and multipurpose room that the students use while at the Endeavour Middle School. 

Endeavour Middle School has a fully equipped science laboratory, dedicated classrooms, computer lab, library, art studio, gym/performing arts room, and many comfortable study areas for students to work individually or in small groups.  The setting is warm and welcoming to create an inviting setting for studying, learning and socializing for this unique age group.