Renaissance Physical and Character Education Overview

In addition to unstructured play time outside in the fresh air every day, Renaissance students have an hour-long Physical Education class every week. Students learn the rules for team games and play together with a strong focus on good sportsmanship. The teacher helps students understand and practice safe body control and spatial awareness so that they can have fun in a safe environment. Students engage in activities that promote gross motor skills such as balance, and fine motor skills such as hand-eye coordination.

The teacher helps students become aware of their level of effort during activities so they can recognize when they are putting forth their best effort; we find that this is a skill that translates into all aspects of education. Periodic fitness challenges help students understand their own level of fitness and encourage them to recognize how lifestyle changes can help them become more physically fit.

Character education lessons are woven into physical education classes; concepts such as fairness, sportsmanship, perseverance, determination, empathy and kindness are explicitly taught, modeled and practiced during PE classes.

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