Renaissance Elementary School

Outstanding Academic Programs that Emphasize Social, Emotional, and Life Skills Development

Kindergarten-5th Grade, located at Shelburne Farms

The Renaissance school fosters student growth on all levels: intellectual, socio-emotional, moral, and physical. The Renaissance School provides outstanding instruction in fundamental skills that help children build a body of knowledge in all areas of the curriculum, as well as offering inquiry-based and differentiated curriculum for Mathematics and Language Arts. The school firmly believes in the value of providing a differentiated curriculum which allows meeting the particular academic and social needs of each student.

Integrated throughout the curriculum is a commitment to earth stewardship and environmental education. The Renaissance School integrates art, drama, music and dance into its overall curriculum. It also provides a physical education program with an emphasis on life-long sports and outdoor education. 

Classes are small (approximately 12 students) and intimate in their daily rhythms, and teachers strive to create learning opportunities that accommodate different learning styles.

Renaissance School provides students with

  • An excellent foundation in the skills of reading, writing, and mathematics, as well as in science and social studies content and questions.
  • An opportunity to apply knowledge from all subjects by creating hands-on projects and inquiry-based discussion to enhance thinking and collaboration skills.
  • An opportunity to integrate learning and learn stewardship with the educational staff at Shelburne Farms, as well as using the farm and grounds as a learning lab
  • An understanding of the importance of community service, sustainability, and stewardship
  • Exposure to world culture and language, as students become confident world citizens. The world language program provides instruction in both Spanish and French, beginning in kindergarten
  • A “heartful” and respectful dynamic among students, teachers, parents, and members of the school community, in order for students to internalize the the values of kindness, courage, generosity, respect, and helpfulness

The Renaissance School embraces a love and appreciation for the creative and physical arts as well as providing instruction in foreign language, educational technology, and life skills. The school encourages creative self-expression, a life-long love of learning, and independent thinking skills.

Admissions Materials:

We look forward to welcoming your child into Renaissance Elementary School.  Please visit us by scheduling a tour by calling Danielle at 802-985-2153 or emailing her at

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