Renaissance World Language Overview

Students begin to learn both French and Spanish in Kindergarten, and continue each year until Fifth Grade. We are confident that students who take six years of French and Spanish in Renaissance School and continue studying in middle school will be ready to take French 2 or Spanish 2 in their first year of high school.

Students study French four days a week for two weeks, then move to Spanish for the same amount of time, then continue to alternate throughout the year. Teachers help students to become comfortable with speaking, reading and writing the language. They want students to feel unselfconscious and free when trying new words or phrases, so they make learning fun and engaging.

Teachers use a wide variety of activities to engage students including songs, physical games and activities such as Twister, board games, pen-pal writing to peers abroad, and of course, conversational speaking. Students learn to report the weather in both languages as well as talk about the date, time, travel, and more. Occasionally, teachers will invite visiting French and Spanish guests to the classes to talk with students and make their learning come alive. Students work on projects and participate in cultural traditions and celebrations throughout the year.  

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